Business Process Manager



Head Office

Job Summary: Improve corporate performance and drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organisation, through cross-functional core processes redesign to link activities, functions, and information in new ways to achieve quantifiable improvements in cost, quality and timeliness in execution.

Key responsibilities:
  • Apply Business Process Management techniques to clearly identify, understand, assess and clearly communicate business needs to enable the design and implementation of the solution.
  • Head initiatives/projects using a structured project methodology.
  • Present analyses, solutions and business cases to senior management.
  • Coordinate with cross-functional team to develop business process requirements.
  • Establish relationships and negotiate with external project stakeholders (consultants, solution providers, service providers, business partners, etc.) by representing the bank's interests in the most professional manner.
  • Drive efficiency company-wide by performing surveys in Departments, finding opportunities for the implementation of process automated solutions, and making recommendations to senior management.
  • Define metrics while designing/redesigning processes and monitoring their performance against agreed targets (metrics).
  • Continuously analyse, review, and redesign functional processes to eliminate variations, remove non value added activities, waste, bottlenecks and delays.
  • Provide value added input to key stakeholders in the elaboration of processes, contracts, and communication to internal and external customers.
  • Be responsible for the smooth integration of changes/new business processes to minimise service disruptions.
  • Develop and maintain business process documentations that will be used as a reference for preparing test cases, training documents, etc.
  • Make recommendations on business process improvement that will have direct positive impact on the KPIs of the business.
  • Present, communicate, verify and obtain approval for the requirements from the stakeholders of the agreed solution.
  • Undertake a comprehensive scientific capacity planning document for the Bank by evaluating the tasks handled, the time spent by each staff per activity and the need to project future resource needs commensurate with the projected growth in business.
  • Possess road and in-depth knowledge of activities of the business to enable quick, coherent and actionable functional and technological recommendations, and design.
  • Investigate the latest trends in financial services to identify new potential functional solutions to meet customers' needs.
Qualifications and competencies:
  • Bachelor degree in Banking or equivalent
  • Business analysis techniques: Min 6 years
  • Project Management: 3-4 years
  • Banking/Financial Services: 8-10 yrs
Additional knowledge:
  • BPM concepts and techniques.
  • Ability to develop and entrench change techniques in an organization.
  • Requirements Analysis techniques.
  • Ability to establish and govern business process towards excellence performance.
  • Lean certification would be an advantage.
  • Skill for business process simulation and optimization.
  • Ability to facilitate business process and monitor other members of staff towards attaining business goal.
  • Ability to make decisions fast and also establish rules towards proper business management.
  • Strong communication skills.

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