About Bank One

Bank One Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Bank One” or the “Bank”), incorporated in Mauritius as a private company, is a Public Interest Entity as defined by the Financial Reporting Act 2004.

Born from a joint venture between CIEL Finance Ltd and I&M Group PLC in 2008, Bank One chose, from the onset, to serve four main segments: Retail, Corporate, Private and International Banking. Today, it is recognised as a fast-growing bank with solid fundamentals, ranked 30th most profitable company in Mauritius by the 2019 Top 100 Companies publication.

Over the last decade, Bank One has built itself a client base of over 50,000, a dedicated team of over 400 experienced collaborators and an asset base of MUR 55.6 billion. It provides a wide range of banking products and services to its clients, through a geographic footprint spread across the island of Mauritius, comprising 10 branches and a well-distributed ATM network. It has also acquired a solid reputation for its Treasury Services and an innovative e-commerce value proposition that appeals to customers far and wide. Recognised by Visa for its best-in-class e-commerce risk management practices, Bank One has extended its partner network by onboarding MasterCard and UnionPay in recent years.

Innovation is a core tenet of Bank One’s DNA and has driven us to accomplish many firsts on the Mauritian market over the years, including best-in-class Retail Banking offers, an Open Architecture investment solution for Private Banking clients, and a state-of-the-art Custody Platform. These initiatives and many more, coupled with a clear vision and a team of accomplished professionals, have allowed Bank One to remain true to its commitment to customer delight, which underpins the strength of its operations.

Rated by CARE Ratings (Africa) with a “CARE MAU A+” Issuer Rating, Bank One continues to leverage the strong presence of its two shareholders – CIEL Finance Ltd and I&M Group PLC – on the African continent to position itself as a leading Mauritian and regional banking force with global reach.

The ONE bank of choice.

What it means for customers?

Bank One customers are pleasantly surprised with each touch point within the Bank so that their banking experience is memorable and lasting in impact.

What it means for our team members?

Team members of Bank One are valued as the Bank’s greatest internal resource that leads to positive engagement and high performance teams within the ONE team.

What it means for the regulators?

Regulators acknowledge Bank One as a superior bank that not only complies with regulations but also embodies the spirit of regulations in the Bank’s core values.

What it means for the shareholders?

Shareholders proudly hail their investment as adding value in diverse ways that align with their objectives and dreams.

What it means for the broader community?

The community at large appreciates the< difference and improvements that Bank One brings to changing lives in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

Creating value in every relationship through Ownership, Nurturing and Execution.

What it means for customers?

  • We are passionate about our customers.
  • We foster long-lasting customer relationships.
  • We correctly accomplish tasks all the time.

What it means for our team members?

  • Constructively challenging the status quo to foster innovation and improvement.
  • Our team members are able to develop their talent and feel connected with the Bank’s objectives.
  • Empowerment of team members that breeds a high performance culture for responsibly exceeding objectives.

What it means for the regulators?

  • Be a trustworthy player that has the confidence of the regulators.
  • We engage with the regulators in an authentic spirit of partnership.
  • We ensure strict compliance to all regulatory norms.

What it means for the shareholders?

  • Corporate responsibility and accountability in financial and non-financial areas.
  • Alignment of vision, strategic direction and corporate culture.
  • We deliver on our promises.

What it means for the broader community?

  • We actively and sustainably support the communities in which we operate.
  • We are a trusted and respected corporate citizen.
  • We walk our talk to yield tangible benefits within the communities that we connect with.

Behave hONEstly and fairly

  • We live by the highest standards of integrity
  • We communicate openly and transparently
  • We treat our colleagues, our customers, our partners and the community fairly

Treat everyONE with respect

  • We trust and respect each other
  • We value different perspectives
  • We support all stakeholders

Be the ONE to delight customers

  • We earn our customers’ trust by placing them at the heart of our business
  • We add value by understanding and serving our customers’ needs best
  • We are determined to make customer interactions easier, our expertise more accessible, and our relationships more human

Work together as ONE team

  • We work together towards a common goal and execute effectively
  • We are united in our passion to grow our Bank
  • We strive to develop effective synergies across teams and along with our partners

PiONEer better ways of doing things

  • We proactively reassess and improve our processes and platforms
  • We enable our customers’ success by constantly finding appropriate solutions for their needs
  • We continuously innovate to deliver superior value to our customers

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