One of the few banks in Mauritius that genuinely understand Africa

January 20, 2020

Ravneet Chowdhury, CEO of Bank One, talks about his achievements since joining the bank. He also speaks of the challenges facing the local banking industry and opportunities offered by the African Continent. Ravneet Chowdhury predicts 2020 to witness a correction in the financial market. “2020 might be the year that marks this turning point,” he says.

Ravneet Chowdhury, you are the CEO of Bank One since 2013, what have been your main achievements so far?

Amongst the key things achieved, we’ve positioned Bank One as a key player on the market. We also ramped up new products and established our private banking platform, which is amongst the best on the market today. We have also increased the visibility of the bank dramatically. We are a well-known bank on the island now and are also more visible internationally. Bank One is a key player in Africa, we are one of the few banks in Mauritius that genuinely understand the continent, does business and has partnerships in Africa through I&M Holdings PLC and CIEL Group.

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