POP now offers instant online registration – a first in the local payments landscape!

June 14, 2022

In keeping with its mission to bring value to users by making payments effortless, accessible and secure, POP is proud to announce that anyone – Bank One customers and non-customers alike – can now download and register online for POP instantly, from the comfort of their home!

This is another first from the POP ecosystem! Over the past few months, we have noticed a keen interest from non-Bank One customers to embark on this exciting journey along with us. Our teams have worked hard to deploy this new feature to facilitate the customer onboarding process that no longer requires a visit to a branch. POP is definitely the only app you need to manage all your bank accounts from one place and we cannot wait to announce new features and benefits over the coming months,” says Bhavya Shah, Head of Personal Financial Services at Bank One.

Prior to launching the digital registration feature, non-Bank One customers had to walk in to a Bank One branch, or meet a POP team member in specific locations, such as Intermart, in order to complete their registration process. A 100% digital payment solution is now finally a reality in Mauritius where new users can now open account at their convenience!

Click here to watch our latest La Minute POP video in which Ali Mamode, Head of Marketing & Communication at Bank One, shares more information about the new feature!


POP wins the highly acclaimed “Outstanding Digital CX – Payments 2022” award

POP, the first universal digital payment solution launched in Mauritius, shines internationally! POP has been voted “Outstanding Digital CX” in the highly acclaimed payments category at the Digital CX Awards 2022 hosted by The Digital Banker (TDB), a leading international awarding body. The Digital CX Awards recognise the outstanding efforts of key players in the financial services industry who have embarked on digital transformation journeys prior to, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, to rethink their business model and adopt a customer-centric approach.

During a virtual gala organised recently by TDB, Julian Mwika, Head of Digital Services at Bank One said, “When we launched POP in September 2021, we wanted to disrupt the traditional modes of payment and launch a unique solution that is designed around the needs of customers and merchants. As a first mover in the market, Bank One positioned itself as an innovative and customer-oriented bank, and through POP, we are helping build a secure cashless society in Mauritius. By taking advantage of new opportunities offered by technological and regulatory developments, we are securing strategic partnerships and looking to build a “financial market” where customers can find all their financial needs in one place”.

Click here to watch to Julian’s  acceptance speech.


There is more coming soon!

Watch this space! Bank One has a long and exciting roadmap of new offerings that will be progressively embedded into POP to enhance its features and the customer experience. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and on, and download POP now on App Store or Play Store and experience payments as never before!


About POP

POP was launched on 30 September 2021 as the very first universal mobile payment solution in Mauritius. The launching of POP by Bank One is a huge technological leap as digital payments are now both accessible and affordable via a smartphone to anyone having a bank account in Mauritius. POP leverages on the MauCAS payment network, owned by the Bank of Mauritius, which aims to make e-commerce, banking and mobile payments inter-operable. It offers a delightful user experience to individuals and a low-cost acquiring platform to merchants. In a few simple steps, customers are able to connect their bank accounts and use POP to make payments across banks instantly, share bills or pay merchants using any MauCAS QR code or a phone number at no cost to them. Meanwhile Merchants are able to manage their transactions around the clock in real time and offer a universal digital payment solution to their customers at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay, and without any new investment. Visit for more information.

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