Introducing Elite Offshore Banking

You’re based in sub-Saharan Africa. You need a banking partner based in a safe and stable jurisdiction. A reliable partner that’ll offer you financial products that you might not be able to access otherwise. You’re looking for a bank that values relationships above everything else.

We hear you. We’re here for you. We’re Elite Banking by Bank One.

Who we are

Headquartered in Port Louis, Mauritius, Bank One Limited is a top-tier, award-winning banking institution incorporated in 2008 following a joint venture between Mauritian conglomerate CIEL Ltd and Kenya-based I&M Group PLC.

Leveraging on a team of experts across our four main business segments (International Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Personal Financial Services), we have strengthened our presence locally and regionally and have mastered the intricacies of each market we serve.

We have a robust custodian network that extends to over 50 countries. Through our investment solutions and Euroclear as our main depository, all our clients have direct access to the sophisticated insights of our local and international experts.

The Bank plays an active role in supporting businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. We have deep development finance institution relationships and long-term funding lines in place with the German Investment Corporation (DEG), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the French Development Agency (Proparco). We’re rated A+ by CARE Ratings (Africa) and were voted Best Custodian Bank by in 2021.

Our Shareholders

Our shareholders are some of the biggest players in the finance industry across the continent.

CIEL Finance is the Banking and Financial Services cluster of CIEL, an international Mauritian group listed on the stock exchange of Mauritius with a market capitalisation of MUR 9.3 billion. CIEL Finance’s strategic presence in sub-Saharan Africa supports regional development while promoting synergies across financial operators.

I&M Group PLC is a regional banking and financial services group with a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius and Uganda. Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange with a market capitalization of KES 37.5 billion, it is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority as well as the Central Bank of Kenya as a non-operating holding company.

The combined footprint of CIEL Group and I&M Group PLC provides Bank One with an unrivalled physical presence in sub-Saharan Africa. Our proven track record and real insights into continental Africa position us as your Bank of Choice.

Elite Banking by Bank One

The wait is over. No more endless, frustrating phone calls. No stuffy, old solutions to modern banking needs. You need a cutting-edge bank with deep knowledge and presence across Africa. You need a bank that offers all the usual services but also best-in-class wealth enhancement, management and diversification solutions. Our Elite Banking service is the life upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Investing for Growth

Get access to an exceptional range of international investment opportunities thanks to our open architecture model, and benefit from real-time market updates on our online Custody Portal.

Whether you’re interested in technology or sustainable development, there’s an option for every risk appetite – and you can benefit from our expert wealth management and financial planning solutions, too.

Manage your investments yourself, and/or benefit from our execution services.

We bring you a one-stop-shop access to our extensive network of trading specialists who are experts in their respective asset class. You can always opt for our diversified investments and let us handle the heavy lifting based on your risk appetite.

Valuable advice, tailored to you.

Our partner networks open the door to specialist wealth advisory and financial planning solutions to help you preserve and grow your wealth to ensure your safe and comfortable future.

Loans for every need

Enjoy FCY lending to the equivalent of your savings balance held with us.

Access a flexible alternative to mortgage financing whilst you continue to earn income on your savings.

Enjoy FCY lending up to the equivalent of 60% of the value of your investments held with us.

Do you need liquidity? Do you wish to take advantage of an investment opportunity without having to sell your hard earned assets? Our Lombard Loan offers an attractive and flexible financing alternative.

Discover our mortgages with a maximum of 100% Loan to Value for properties in Mauritius.

If you are looking for a mortgage that is tailored to your needs, look no further. With highly competitive rates, up to 100% Loan to Value for properties in Mauritius, you can find a mortgage solution that perfectly works for you.

Or you can access FCY mortgages in selected sub-Saharan African countries within our partner networks. The choice is yours.

Cross-Border Banking

Why offshore?

You’ve put in all that hard work and late hours and your finances are flourishing. Now, you’re faced with a major decision: which institution should you trust to protect your wealth and make it grow?

You may have thought about the advantages of offshore banking but you’re not sure if you’re the right kind of client to enjoy such services.

Firstly, you should know that you’re not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people like you across the continent who have succeeded in their line of work too, and who now enjoy offshore banking solutions. They, like you, are looking for a stable, secure and transparent jurisdiction, where they can seamlessly manage all their international financial needs and benefit from the best of global investment solutions. And increasingly, they’re turning to the island of Mauritius to fulfill – and exceed – those needs.

Over the past 13 years, Bank One has built a strong reputation as a Bank of Choice and a trustworthy partner from Africa, for Africa. Through our main business lines, namely Personal Financial Services, Corporate Banking, Private Banking and International Banking, we currently serve customers located in 19 countries across Africa, including Mauritius.

Our high caliber professionals come from various African countries and master the complexities of the different geographies and markets we serve.

The Mauritian advantage

Mauritius: one of the world’s most trusted jurisdictions for banking and investment.

Politically and economically stable, the island has garnered the reputation of being the international financial centre for Africa. Mauritius has repeatedly claimed top spots in good governance and ease of doing business rankings over the past decade, and is favoured by the world’s elite for its fiscal advantages.

Mauritius is highly-digitalized and boasts advanced banking and financial infrastructure, making it a prime banking destination: the local market is highly conducive to risk diversification and wealth growth opportunities, and offers access and investment solutions to the continent and international markets. It also benefits from 44 tax treaties and double tax avoidance agreements with countries across Africa and globally.

The island’s legal system combines the advantages of common and civil law, and its strategic location means that you’re always on time for business: Asia and Australia in the morning, Europe at noon, America after two, and Africa all day.

Wherever you go, wherever you’re based: it feels good to know that cross-border banking has never been easier with Elite Banking by Bank One.