Le Heritage Nature Reserve

A back-to-nature premium land experience like no other!

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Nestled within the spectacular and historic 2,500-hectare domaine of Heritage Bel Ombre, Heritage Nature Reserve is a must-visit by all means in Mauritius. We offer a one of a kind, year-round premium land experience in the heart of scenic 1,300-hectare nature reserve wrapped in a stunning biodiversity that packs in plenty of fun, premium land adventures and thrills for visitors of all ages and interests.

The purpose is the purpose itself! We offer you a vacation that has meaning, an experience, or an opportunity to learn something, to change something, to do something. Just taking a pause and recharging your batteries does not work – if it’s only to see them depleted again after you get back home. Allow yourself to fend off the daily pressures and open up to become ‘something more’ and ‘something better’ than you currently are.

Take your pick from an array of exciting premium outdoor activities that are designed to make your experience as complete and exciting as possible. Go to the source to marvel at the superb water features on a hike into the depths of the reserve, explore a spectacular UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, take a panoramic tour of the historic coastal landscape of the South-West or an amazing view of a breathtaking natural phenomenon that looks like an underwater waterfall from the sky.