Investor’s Circle

Investor’s Circle Special Edition | Globe40 2022

27 October 2022

Globe40 2022

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Securities Services

Bank One responds to today’s challenges with bespoke securities services designed to cover all the activities of the banking value chain.

With our on-the-ground presence in Africa, a robust custodian network that extends over 50 countries, and Euroclear as our main depository, all our clients— individuals, external asset managers and financial institutions—have direct access to the deep insights of our local and international experts.

As your custodian bank, we are responsible for the safety of your securities and assets, which are recorded off-balance sheet. Our services include Trade Settlement, Corporate Action Management, Proxy Voting and Income Collection.

A one-stop shop for all your execution needs, we provide direct access to local and international brokers, who are experts in their respective asset class and ensure the best execution. Thanks to our 24/7 cover, we respond to your needs in real-time, whenever you may need us—even after working hours or on public holidays.

External Wealth Managers’ Desk

Whether you are an External Asset Manager, a Family Office or an Independent Advisor, our dedicated External Asset Managers (EAM) Desk is designed to seamlessly cater to all your business needs.

What we offer:

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Onboarding of regulated Asset Managers and Business Introducers locally and internationally
  • Access to all your clients’ investments with a single login
  • Custody Services with access to local and international markets
  • Timely execution and trade confirmation issued per client or order
  • Automated and ad hoc reporting facilities
  • Tailor-made pricing
  • Portfolio Analysis for Lombard Loan
  • Credit Cards in EUR and MUR
  • FX Solutions, Fixed Deposits, Mauritius Treasury Bills

At Bank One, we go the extra mile to transform our customer experience and help you in your investment decisions. In collaboration with our network of asset managers, we regularly organise and host private events for our clients where they are updated on the latest market trends and developments.

Wealth Management

Building a higher standard of banking

There is more to growing your wealth than simply investing money. At Bank One, we help you navigate the complex world of financial services by bringing forth different investment solutions:

  • Execution Services: If you are well acquainted with market trends, you may want to manage your finances yourself. Trade directly on all international markets by accessing our extensive network of trading specialists. You have direct control on your investments; we simply carry out your instructions. We also provide you with insightful market information to better guide you in your decision-making.
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM): Managing your portfolio can be challenging and it is a full time job. If your time is precious and you prefer to have an expert oversee your financial assets, DPM was designed for you. Thanks to our Open Architecture model, you can choose one or more independent portfolio managers, who will leverage their in-depth knowledge to deliver your desired investment objective. Your Relationship Manager takes the time to understand your ambitions, unique circumstances and risk appetite, before defining your strategy and creating a customized roadmap to achieve your goals.

Ours is a people’s business based on personal trust. No matter the level of service you seek, it is the relationships we build that set us apart.

Open Architecture Model

We operate on a total Open Architecture model that offers best-of-breed products from multiple global providers.

The collaborative nature of this model allows us to unlock a world of opportunities and deliver a diversified range of local and international solutions, including bonds, equities, ETFs, funds, and structured products.

Our depositary, Euroclear—rated AA+ by Fitch Ratings and AA by Standard & Poor’s—is a proven and resilient provider of securities settlements, the largest one in the world. Through this 100% Open Architecture platform and our Live Custody Software, you can grow, manage and preserve your wealth optimally.

We are free from in-house products and act in your best interest: we present you with an unbiased choice of the most suitable partners and products, making sure to select the most accomplished asset managers and best-in-class solutions from the financial marketplace. We combine our in-house knowledge and expertise with the best investment opportunities from asset managers globally. As a Bank One client, you have greater freedom, greater choice, and greater value.

Our allegiance is to excellence, not brands.

Private banking

Designed for the sophisticated needs of affluent individuals and families, our approach is simple: we will help you preserve, protect and grow the wealth you have worked so hard to earn.

At the heart of this meaningful relationship is your dedicated Private Banker, who takes the time to know you, your lifestyle and your goals, and provides you with the right solutions for your professional and personal ambitions. Our Open Architecture model, leading Custody Solutions and consistent service delivery are recognised independently and won us the ‘Best Private Bank in Mauritius’ title by Global Finance Magazine for 3 consecutive years.

What we offer:

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Onboarding of High Net Worth Individuals (resident and non-resident) and Private Structures
  • Access to bank accounts and investments with a single login
  • Custody Services with access to local and international markets
  • Standing Orders, Direct Debits, FX, Fixed Deposits, Mauritius Treasury Bills
  • Tailor-made pricing
  • Loans for every need (Lombard loans, personal loans, home loans, car loans and leasing, refinancing)
  • Credit Cards in EUR and MUR with Loyalty Benefits
  • Complimentary* PriorityPass access to over 1200 airport lounges across the world with our Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • Concierge Services
  • Privileged access to exclusive events

Use your time wisely on things that really matter. Leave the rest to us.

*Terms & Conditions Apply