Open Architecture Model

We operate on a total Open Architecture model that offers best-of-breed products from multiple global providers.

The collaborative nature of this model allows us to unlock a world of opportunities and deliver a diversified range of local and international solutions, including bonds, equities, ETFs, funds, and structured products.

Our depositary, Euroclear—rated AA+ by Fitch Ratings and AA by Standard & Poor’s—is a proven and resilient provider of securities settlements, the largest one in the world. Through this 100% Open Architecture platform and our Live Custody Software, you can grow, manage and preserve your wealth optimally.

We are free from in-house products and act in your best interest: we present you with an unbiased choice of the most suitable partners and products, making sure to select the most accomplished asset managers and best-in-class solutions from the financial marketplace. We combine our in-house knowledge and expertise with the best investment opportunities from asset managers globally. As a Bank One client, you have greater freedom, greater choice, and greater value.

Our allegiance is to excellence, not brands.