The key role of new ICT technologies in the post COVID-19 world

August 16, 2021

With the deployment of 5G on an experimental basis, Mauritius is preparing to make a technological leap. In addition to accelerating the process of digitalization, the fifth generation of mobile communication will reposition Mauritius in the new normal by facilitating remote work and allowing several sectors of activity to bring innovation in their process.

Sanjeev Jhurry, Head of Information Security at Bank One says: “Technological advancement is an asset in the current era to overcome the challenging circumstances we are experiencing. The timely application of relevant technologies will be imperative to not only safeguard, but also manage the post- COVID-19 world. New ICT technologies such as 5G communications can play a vital role in the protection of individuals and the improvement of economies. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how connectivity has become an even bigger part of critical infrastructure, helping people in an unprecedented way to work, study and socialize online.”

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