Communiqué: Review of fees and charges for transfers

May 18, 2023

We wish to inform our customers and the public at large that our fees and charges for bank transfers are being revised as follows with effect from Tuesday 30th May 2023.


Description of tariffs Channel of transaction Individual customers Non-Individual customers
MACSS transfer
Up to Rs100k
Internet/Mobile Banking Free Rs100
MACSS transfer
Above Rs100k
Internet/Mobile Banking Rs50 Rs100
MACSS transfer Over the counter Rs125 Rs125
Normal transfer Over the counter Rs50 Rs50
Debit to FCY account
(Commission in Lieu
of Exchange)
Internet/Mobile Banking 0.5% on amount
Min USD 10 and
Max USD 250
0.5% on amount
Min USD 10 and
Max USD 250


To stay updated on our latest fees and charges, please visit our website at


For any further inquiries, please reach out to your Relationship Manager or call our Contact Centre on +230 202 9200.


Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in Bank One.


The Management

18 May 2023