Investor's Circle Market Insight with bridport

4 July 2022

For the second edition of the #Investor’s Circle this year, we had the pleasure to host our first face-to-face discussion since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were delighted to welcome Frédéric Taisne from Switzerland for an open dialogue, touching on complex issues, ranging from the impact of the re-opening of borders, to the upcoming elections in Kenya and investment outlook and opportunities in Africa.

Special Edition - Market Outlook 2022

31 January 2022

Despite waves of worry emanating from COVID-19, rising inflation, Federal Reserve’s policy decisions, materials shortages, and rate hikes, the stage is set to strike a better balance this year. How? We have collated and condensed the views of our key partners who have shared with us the future they see for financial markets and how they are investing to prepare for it. As always, there are many risks to consider and, therefore, some nuances to our optimism.

4th Edition 2021

27 August 2021

For the second episode of the Deep Dive video series, Guillaume Passebecq, Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management at Bank One talks to Nirvan Armoogum of Business Magazine about the evolution of financial markets since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Having experienced the previous financial crises of 2000 and 2008, Guillaume Passebecq notes that, against all expectations, this time the international financial markets have shown strong resilience and astonishing performances, which has generated sizeable gains in terms of asset under management for the private banks. He also speaks of the crucial role of central banks in managing the crisis and “new” emerging investment solutions against a backdrop of historically low interest rates.

Ecobank's Africa Eurobond Fund appoints Bank One as its custodian bank

23 December 2020

For this new edition of Bank One’s Investor’s Circle, we meet Emmanuel Owusu, Senior Portfolio Manager, Ghana & Acting CIO at Ecobank Group, Asset Management in Ghana. He tells us more about Ecobank’s Africa Eurobond Fund. Secure, agile and profitable, this fund opens the door to high-yielding opportunities on the African continent to investors based locally and abroad. This fund is now available of the Bank One platform and Euroclear.

L'Africa Eurobond Fund d'Ecobank choisit Bank One comme banque dépositaire

23 December 2020

Pour cette nouvelle édition de l’Investor’s Circle, nous rencontrons Marcel Yondo Nkembe, Group COO, et Head International, Securities Wealth and Asset Management à Ecobank Group au Togo qui nous parle du Africa Eurobond Fund. Alliant à la fois sécurité, agilité et rentabilité ce fond offre des opportunités d’investissement à haut rendement aux investisseurs locaux et étrangers.

19 August 2020

“Today’s economic situation requires a new way of approaching business development, sustainability and growth. The context, the entrepreneur mindset and the economy’s strong liquidity allowed for a more conventional approach which we followed for a long time in Mauritius.” For this new edition of Investor’s Circle, Guillaume Passebecq interviews Amédée Darga, Chairman of the Futura Fund, and Samioullah, Chief Investment Officer of Providentia Fund Managers.

10 July 2020

What are the advantages of investing in bonds directly rather than going through a bond fund? For this episode of the Investor’s Circle, we interview Frédéric Taisne from briport, an independent Swiss bond broker based in Geneva. Like Bank One, bridport operates on an Open Architecture model with more than 200 global partners. With more than USD 30Bn in annual volumes processed, they are the leading intermediary in Switzerland.

19 June 2020

Google, Paypal, Visa, Analog Services. Are you considering to invest in the North American market? Julien Devaux FFM American Growth Fund promoter, delves into this fund’s strategy: 1. This fund invests exclusively in industry leaders; 2. These companies show very low debt levels; 3. They have a strong capacity to reinvest in their own operations. The FFM American Growth Fund is accessible through the Bank One platform.

11 June 2020

Disruptive technology, cyber security, healthcare, sustainability and the enhancement of human wellbeing will continue to grow and expand regardless of economic cycles. This is why Weisshorn created the ‘Humanity Challenges’ fund, an equity fund specializing in forward-looking secular trends. The fund posted a year-to-date return of 4.2% in euros as at 11th of June. Alexandre Gulino, Managing Partner at Weisshorn tells us more in this new episode of Investor’s Circle.


3 June 2020

“It was impossible for anyone to predict the health crisis, but the collapse of the equity markets is also a consequence of an asset valuation crisis,” Constantin de Grivel, Managing Director at AXYS Investment Partners (AIP).

With more than 28 years of management experience, AIP has a presence in 6 countries today as part of the AXYS group. So, which asset and wealth management strategy would be recommended in the face of uncertainty? For this edition of the Investor’s Circle, Guillaume Passebecq, Head of Private Banking at Bank One, interviews Constantin de Grivel.

25 May 2020

“We are now reviewing our portfolio composition to factor in the end of COVID-19 and the prospects for economic recovery in each country and investment sector,” Stephane Henry, CEO of the management company Investment Professionals Ltd (IPRO) replies to the questions of Guillaume Passebecq, Head of Private Banking at Bank One, as part of the Investor’s Circle video series.

iPRO is a local asset manager that administers local equity funds but also handles international portfolio management.

15 May 2020

The Bank One Private Banking and Wealth Management team is pleased to bring to you the fourth edition of its flagship event, the Investor’s Circle, but with a twist! This time, you’ll be able to gain expert market insight online on the Bank One LinkedIn page through a video series.

For the first video interview, we were glad to have with us Didier Margetyal, Fund Manager at the Paris-based management company, Tailor Capital. Specialising in the bond market, Tailor Capital recently won the Grand Prix de la Gestion d’Actifs 2019 – L’AGEFI, for its TAILOR RENDEMENT CIBLE, which was voted “Best Fund for 3-year investment” in the “International Bonds” category.



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