Bank One’s POP wins prestigious award for Digital Innovation in Customer Experience

June 6, 2024

The wait is finally over as the results of The Digital Banker’s Digital CX Awards 2024 are in! Among the winners is Bank One, taking the lead for “Outstanding Use of Digital Channels to Enhance Customer Experience” for its POP ecosystem, particularly for its latest innovative features, POP Save and POP Insure.


At Bank One, we are opening up new horizons in digital finance, ensuring banking is accessible, effortless and rewarding” says Pritee Ombika-Aukhojee, Head of Digital & Products at Bank One. “ Through offerings like POP Save and POP Insure, we are pioneering innovative solutions that empower our users and enhance their financial well-being. This international recognition underscores our commitment to reshaping the digital banking experience and deliver exceptional value to our customers. Moving forward, we will continue driving forward-thinking innovation and expanding the boundaries of the POP ecosystem to better cater to our users’ evolving needs and solidifying our position in this space.”


Bank One brought POP, the first universal mobile payment solution in Mauritius in 2021. Two years later, it pioneered more groundbreaking features: POP Save and POP Insure, yet another two firsts in Mauritius. POP Save provides a seamless and automated savings experience, empowering users to achieve their financial goals effortlessly. With features such as Autosave, Round-up, and Top-up, users can devise their own savings strategy and watch their money grow, while benefiting from one of the highest savings rates in Mauritius.


On the other hand, POP Insure represents a significant shift in the insurance purchasing habits and streamlining the process for customers. It offers a user-friendly platform where individual customers can conveniently explore a variety of insurance products tailored to their needs. Whether they’re seeking life insurance, including savings and education plans, or coverage for vehicle and travel, POP Insure provides an extensive range of options. By facilitating easy comparison and selection, the platform ensures that users find the best coverage at competitive prices. In essence, POP Insure revolutionizes insurance shopping, making it simpler and more efficient for consumers.


In 2022, the Digital Banker had recognized Bank One as “Outstanding Digital CX” in the highly acclaimed payments category at the Digital CX Awards 2022. This new recognition illustrates the constant evolution of the platform and its rapid adoption by Bank One customers and non-customers alike.


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