Anju Benimadhu, Between Passion and Ambition

February 25, 2020

Anju, tell us about your journey and your role at Bank One.

I am the Senior Dealer in the Treasury department. My responsibilities revolve around treasury management solutions for our clients, to implement sales strategies and interbank transactions. I also sometimes assist the Treasurer. In addition, I also manage a team of three: a solid team on a technical as well as relational level.

It has now been six years since I joined Bank One, after honing my skills in Treasury at SBM. I now have 12 years of experience, but I keep learning every day. Besides, I have recently been on a business trip to Rwanda. My mission was to share my expertise and to help my colleagues better understand treasury management, sales, interbank transactions… It was a great experience which made me aware of my potential. I would like to thank Bank One management team for this wonderful opportunity.

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