MUR (Kestrel) Prepaid Card

Prepaid card

The Kestrel Visa prepaid card is a unique offer which allows you to enjoy friendly card features combined with an environmental philosophy.

With your Kestrel prepaid card, benefit from the following advantages*:

For each card sold, Rs 100 is contributed towards the Mauritian Kestrel Conservation Project. Thus you will automatically participate in our efforts to protect the emblematic Mauritan Kestrel

Can be used for online purchases, at merchants and ATMs

Handy for your online transactions and travel

Enjoy fabulous discounts when paying with your VISA prepaid card

No daily limit on number of transactions for online shopping

Enables a total control of your budget and add funds as needed

View your transactions and load your prepaid card through our Internet Banking platform

Worldwide access to 30 million merchants and 2 million Visa-linked ATMs

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Kestrel prepaid card

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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Report A Card Lost or Stolen?

Contact us immediately on 230 467 1900 to report and to request a replacement card.
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