Priscilla Mulliah-Mutty in Essentielle Actives

May 24, 2019

Name: Priscilla Mulliah-Mutty
Role: Head of Human Resources at Bank One
Favourite quote: “Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. It’s better to try than to live with regrets.”
Awards: 101 Most Influential Global HR Leaders 2019

Priscilla holds a Master in ‘Administration d’Entreprises’ from the University of Poitiers, France. Before joining Bank One in 2017, she has worked across regional and global corporations such as DCDM Consulting (Managed by Accenture), Bramer Bank and GroFin. Priscilla derives great satisfaction from her career but also from inspiring those around her to progress and succeed. Her message to women who, like her, aspire to rise in the workplace is to follow their dreams while staying true to who they are and to their principles.

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