Conduct Risk Management Framework


Achieving high standards of market conduct and ensuring fair client outcomes are a core priority for us. Therefore, this Conduct Risk framework establishes the key principles aimed at ensuring that we treat our clients fairly and that our clients are confident, informed and empowered in their dealings with us.

What is conduct risk?

Conduct risk means a risk, including financial or reputational loss, arising from the inappropriate behaviour or culture or poor judgement of Bank One or its employees in carrying out business activities or strategy, in a way that results in poor or unfair outcomes for or detriment to clients, stakeholders and/or the markets. It can be as an individual or group actions that might cause unfair outcomes for customers, undermine market integrity, and damage the Bank’s reputation and competitive position.

Key Principles

Below are some of the key principles which guide the Bank One’s Conduct Risk Framework.

  1. Bank One Values
    Integrity, Trust, Respect, Innovation, and Courage.
  2. Fair client outcomes
    We have a culture of treating our clients fairly.
    We can tailor our services to accommodate the client’s specific needs and vulnerabilities.
  3. People and culture
    The Board of Directors, together with its Committees and Executive Committee (Bank One Exco), must monitor the establishment of a culture of fair treatment throughout the organisation. Employees must always know and understand market conduct, complete market conduct training, and apply the Conduct Risk Framework.
  4. Products and Services
    We must design all products and services we market and sell to meet the needs of identified clients and target products and services to those clients accordingly.

General Conduct Rules

Below are some of the general conduct rules which guide the Bank One’s Conduct Risk Framework.

  1. Harassment and unfair discrimination are prohibited.
  2. Racist remarks are prohibited.
  3. Duty of confidentiality.
  4. Rules applicable to social/strategy/work events within the course of employment.

Grievance Procedure

Employees must make use of the Grievance Procedure should they wish to report any complaints pertaining to breaches of Human Resource policies and processes, performance outcomes, bonus/remuneration, work requirements, management practices, and complaints around the employment relationship and the working environment.


Report your concerns (for example, but not limited to: – bribery, corruption, unlawful acts, dishonest behaviour, bullying) to:

Suraj Nosib Bank One Limited 16, Sir William Newton Street Port Louis

Phone: +230 202 9269

Email: [email protected]


Kenny Morton Bank One Limited 16, Sir William Newton Street Port Louis

Phone: +230 202 9367

Email: [email protected]


Mark Watkinson Bank One Limited 16, Sir William Newton Street Port Louis

Phone: +230 202 9465

Email: [email protected]


Whistleblowing Ethics hotline Deloitte Tip-Offs Anonymous (Pty) Ltd Phone: 8020270001

Email: [email protected]



Click here to access our: (i) Conduct Risk Policy; and (ii) Code of Ethics & Whistleblowing Policy.