Scrum Master


Digital Factory

I&M, Kenya

Enabling cross-functional teams to develop medium-to-complex business / customer/ employee solutions using the agile way of working that integrates the business and technical needs. The Incumbent will report to the Digital Factory Manager or any other official as may be designated.

Key responsibilities
  • Provide ongoing facilitation and coaching that enables the team to excel at agile development
  • Facilitate medium-to-high complexity Agile initiatives from initiation through release
  • Navigate and identify shared IT services required by the team in the delivery of its objectives
  • Facilitate discussions leading to collective decision-making, goal setting and conflict resolution within the team
  • Actively manage risks and external dependencies drawing in team members as appropriate
  • Create and maintain the appropriate vehicles for open communication within the scrum team (e.g. tracker boards, JIRA) to create a trusting and safe team environment
  • Continuously seek to improve team performance by promoting joint accountability for results and solving productivity issues
Qualifications and competencies:
  • At least 1 successfully delivered project using Scum methodology in the role as Scrum Master
  • At least 3 successfully delivered technical projects with experience in software development and/or project management
  • Relevant business degree
Additional knowledge
  • Knowledge of Agile software development process (e.g. XP, Kanban, Scrum, etc.)
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Agile techniques: User Stories, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Paired Programming, Automated Testing, Agile Games
  • Applicable knowledge of the technologies used by the team

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